Pure Horror Glorifying Death Metal

Hacked Up For Barbecue / Zombie Apocalypse

Relapse Records

Artwork: Wes Benscoter

Bass [Guitar], Vocals: Will Rahmer

Design: Orion Landau

Engineer: Desmond Tolhurst

Engineer: Roger Beaujard

Executive Producer: Matthew F. Jacobson

Executive Producer: William J. Yurkiewicz, Jr.

Guitar: Desmond Tolhurst

Guitar, Drum Programming: Roger Beaujard

Mastered By: Mick Mullin

Photography By [Band Photo]: Danny Nelson

Producer: Mortician


Tracks 6 & 7 from the original pressing of the Zombie Apocalypse EP are not included.

Hacked Up For Barbeque  
1 Bloodcraving  
2 Embalmed Alive  
3 Cremated  
4 Three On A Meathook  
5 Brutally Mutilated  
6 Deranged Insanity  
7 Cannibal Feast  
8 Blown To Pieces  
9 Fog Of Death  
10 Brutal Disfugerement  
11 Apocalyptic Devastation  
12 Inquisition  
13 Hacked Up For Barbeque  
14 Abolition  
15 Necrocannibal  
16 Ripped In Half  
17 Morbid Butchery  
18 Decapitated  
19 Drilling For Brains  
20 Eaten Alive By Maggots  
21 Witches' Coven  
22 Worms  
23 Annihilation  
24 Mortician  
Zombie Apocalypse  
25 Devoured Alive  
26 Incinerated  
27 Zombie Apocalypse  
28 Slaughterhouse  
29 Hell On Earth  
30 Charred Corpses  
31 Dissected  
32 Blood Harvest