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Mortician Ghoulish Gigs DVD

 The heaviest band in the universe has finally released the 2001 and 2002 Whisky-A-Go-Go show! You’ve all seen the few videos posted to YouTube over the years, here’s a bunch more from those gigs.“Ghoulish Gigs” contains 26 old school Mortician songs live and in your face with all the raw brutality you expect. Featuring the 2001-2002 line-up of Will Rahmer (bass/vocals), Roger Beaujard (drums), and Ron Kachnic (guitars).Embalmed AliveDrilling for BrainsThe Hatchet MurdersHacked up for BarbecueChainsaw DismembermentMartin The VampireBonecrusherDr. GoreDriller KillerExtinction of MankindWitches CovenMorticianRampage TheBloodseekersBonecrusherZombie ApocalypseSilent Night Deadly NightDead and BuriedInquisitionDarkest Day of HorrorWormsDrilling for BrainsDomain of DeathEmbalmed AliveCrematedWorld DamnationDVD’s are All Region NTSC format (most DVD/blu-ray players paired with modern TVs will play this even if you are in Europe. Check your gear, make sure “All Region” and “NTSC” are good.)