Mortal Massacre in stock now! House next!

Hey freaks! The Mortal Massacre discs have arrived and are in stock now at Primitive Recordings and Redrum Records! They came out fantastic and we’re so happy to be releasing these on Mortician Records in this new format under our complete supervision (for once 😉 ).

Thanks to everyone that pre-ordered this one, you all rule! All the pre-orders have been shipped days ago and you should either have it by the time you’re reading this or be getting it any day now. Thanks again for the support!!!

Up next naturally is House by the Cemetery in never before offered digipak format!!! The layout has just been completed and it looks awesome! This time with a pocket slot for a one sheet of lyrics! We can’t wait to see the final product and we’ll begin pre-orders soon for that!

Thanks so much for the support as always freaks, you all rule! Stay brutal!

Mortal Massacre Digipak Reissue CD


Many of our past releases have been out of print for years to the dismay of our fans. We are happy to present for our 30th anniversary the reissue of the CD that started it all…

Mortician “Mortal Massacre” in never before offered digipak format!!!

Includes: new art layout • lyrics for the EP • high quality glossy digipak • all songs from the original release

We will be re-releasing ALL our past releases in never before offered digipak format over the coming year with a release every few months.

Thanks everyone for the support through all these years \m/ \m/


Available for pre-order NOW at:

Available approx October 1, 2019

Mortician is on bandcamp

Yup, that’s right! You can now check us out on that bandcamp thing there. There’s a few things up now but we’ll get more up there soon. You can grab the Final Bloodbath Session, Re-Animated Dead Flesh, and Zombie Massacre Live in digital format as well as physical CD. Have at it people!