Domain Of Death Vinyl 2001

Label: Morbid Records
Format: Vinyl
Date: 2001


Licensed from Relapse Records.

A8 originally recorded by Pungent Stench.
B5 originally recorded by Disastrous Murmur.

A1 Brood Of Evil
A2 Maimed And Mutilated
A3 Bonecrusher
A4 The Hatchet Murders
A5 Extinction Of Mankind
A6 Domain Of Death
A7 Cannibalized
A8 Pulsating Protoplasma
A9 Martin (The Vampire)
B1 Telepathic Terror
B2 Mutilation Of The Human Race
B3 Wasteland Of Death
B4 Dr. Gore
B5 Extra Uterine Pregnancy
B6 Tenebrae
B7 Devastation
B8 Necronomicon Exmortis