Old News

October 2004 – Re-Animated Dead Flesh available for mail order.

The new Mortician CD Re-Animated Dead Flesh is now available from us on tour and www.PrimitiveRecordings.com  and www.RedrumRecords.net exclusively. Also more show dates have been added. We’ve been having a blast on the road and want to send out hails to our metal brothers in Akercocke and Vehemence, both of you guys have been tearing it up every night. Tons of pics from the tour coming soon. STAY BRUTAL and see you on the road!!!

September 2004 – Tour confirmed, new CD art in!

Akercocke, Vehemence and Mortician will be tearing up the US in September and October of 2004!! Keep checking back for more news on the tour in the next few weeks. We have new artwork in for Re-Animated Dead Flesh. We’ll be posting pictures shortly along with some more news.

July 2004 – New web site, 2004 tour plans and more!

Well finally the new web site is up, at least most of it. We’ll be adding more information and new sections soon. Enjoy! Also Mortician is planning a US tour with possible opening acts Dismember, Vehemence and Decapitated. We should be hitting the road around the end of September, early October. we will also be doing some shows around the North East in August and September. Keep checking here for more info. Also tons of new Mortician merchandise is available at Roger’s web store PrimitiveRecordings.com. Mortician’s Zombie Massacre Live is also now available in stores and here on the web.

May 2004 – New Mortician CD completed!

Mortician have just completed their next CD entitled Re-Animated Dead Flesh. The release is completely finished, writen, recorded, mixed and mastered! We’ll have samples up here shortly. This release is only awaiting artwork and should hit the stores around Halloween 2004. We should have special tour edition copies available on our US tour in the fall.

April 2004 – Crash Music signs exclusive deal with Caroline Distribution!

Crash Music, Inc. today announced that they have signed an exclusive distribution agreement for the United States with Caroline Distribution. The first Mortician release to benefit from this deal will be Zombie Massacre Live. We are all excited about the deal and look forward to bringing you some of the sickest releases stores have ever seen.

January 2004 – Happy Fucking New Year!!!

Happy 2004 freaks! We hope you have a prosperous and gore filled year. STAY BRUTAL!!!!

November 2003 – Mortician signs distribution deal with Crash Music, Inc

Mortician Records has signed a worldwide distribution deal with Crash Music, Inc. Will and I are both extremely excited about this deal and look forward to working with Mark and everyone at Crash.

August 2003 – Mortician has a new drummer!

Sam Inzerra is now officially on drums for Mortician. We will have a little info and background on Sam shortly. Click here to visit Sam’s other band Deadspeak’s web site. Thanks tons to all of you who sent in demo tapes.

April 2003

Yeah, yeah, quit complaining! Actually not much going on for Mortician besides the official release of Darkest Day Of Horror on Relapse Records and the ongoing search for a drummer. All interested parties should contact me at the Primitive Recordings address. We have tours in the works for this year and need to secure someone soon. The new Primitive Recordings site is up complete with a new web store and radio station. We can now accept MasterCard/Visa for online and phone orders. More news in a week or so…

September 2002

First off HOLY FUCK! It’s been over a year since the

last update. No apologies from me though, I’m a busy fucking guy! Well there’s a bunch to talk about so here we go…

Last year’s US tour was sick as always. Many shouts out to all our fans and friends for a great time. We’ll see you all again this month, so get your beer money together and your hatchets sharpened!

This year’s European tour was fucking awesome! Shouts out to our tourmates Carnal Forge, Darkside and Archon Infaustus. It was great to be back on the other side of the ocean and to see all our friends and fans. We should be back over there some time next year, possibly spring or summer.

Winter was a much needed break for us to get our lives back together after a lot of touring. As most of you know we both lead pretty busy lives besides our band life, especially me.

As you can now tell from the front page and the top news page the Final Bloodbath Session is out! After 2 line-up changes and almost 2 years we finally got this release together. 27 tracks of classic Mortician brutality redone with live drums!

Also a big surprise for all you Mortician fiends… the new Mortician CD Darkest Day Of Horror is completed! Will and I wrote this album during the beginning of this year and finished the mastering about 2 weeks ago. All of you who make it to our shows will have a chance to purchase a limited tour edition of the CD months before it’s release next year. Which brings us to the biggest news of the year…

Darkest Day Of Horror will be our final release with Relapse Records. Before you all get started with the rumors and what not, here’s the deal. There was nothing really wrong with what Relapse has done for us and no argument or fights, we just wanted a little more control over our next few releases and want to do things 100% our way. We’d like to thank Relapse and everyone there for the outstanding work they’ve done for Mortician throughout the years. We wouldn’t be where we are if it wasn’t for you.

I guess that about wraps it up. So I’d expect another update around December 2003! 😉 Just kidding, we’ll do our best to keep you informed and we will be getting our new web site up after the tour. Suggestions for the new site can be sent to (EMAIL CLOSED). Already completed are a new image gallery with over 200 images of fans and friends, a new media section with more video and a workshop that I’ll be hosting for all you drum machine freaks out there that will take you through the steps of creating music as a one or two man band. Remember as a lot of you have told me just because I can’t find musicians where I live doesn’t mean I can’t create sick music!

April 2001

Mortician has safely returned from the European No Mercy Festivals and man were they fucking sick! The European scene is fucking huge! Special thanks to Johan for giving us the opportunity to crush heads on the tour and tear it up. Also special shouts out to Paul and Marco for pulling it all together and keeping us all in line, our bus driver Steve for taking us around everywhere and showing us the best parts of Europe, all the bands: Marduk, Vader, God Dethroned, Amon Amarth, Mystic Circle, Sinister, Bal-Sagoth, And Oceans; you all ruled and were great people to hang and drink with! Another extra special shout out to our boys in Bal-Sagoth, it was awesome hanging out and partying on the bus with you guys, we will hang again! This tour was by far the best tour for Mortician yet and we look forward to returning to Europe some time next year for another longer tour.

Mortician is still playing Wacken Open Air and are now also playing the Euro Rock festival in Belgium. We can’t wait to see some of you again. Until then Stay Brutal!!!!!!!

April has also marked the worldwide release of Domain Of Death so start bugging your local record stores and make them get it in! You can also order the CD right off this site, just go to the merchandise page.

March 2001 B

Holy fuck! Two updates in one month! (Don’t get used to it)

Just a quick update to inform you that Mortician will be performing at the Wacken Open Air Festival in August. This is confirmed and we are very excited. Also the “Final Bloodbath Session” recording has begun (finally) and there is a very rough cut preview track on the bottom of the main page.

March 2001

Well another century has passed since an update, so

here we go with a ton of news…

For once we’re still the same line-up from the last update, Roger on drums, Ron Kachnic on guitar and Will on bass/vocals. The newest news is that we’re confirmed and it is definite… Mortician will be heading out in April for their first European Tour. Check the front page for dates. Also Domain Of Death’s official release is right around the corner, April on Relapse to be precise. We’ll be having a record release party in New York at Castle Heights on May 5, 2001, after we get back from Europe. Expect goodies giveaways!

Mortician and Malignancy will be performing live at the Metal Meltdown 3 in Asbury, NJ April 6&7, 2001. Keep checking back for details on our time slots. Also Roger’s record label Primitive Recordings will have a table at the fest an be retailing the first copies of the Ignorance Is Bliss and Prosthetic Cunt CDs.

The Domain Of Death tour with Malignancy and Goatwhore went great and was the best tour yet! A big hail to our new metal brothers Ben, Sami, Pat and Zac from  Goatwhore, see you road mongers soon! Also Malignancy and Mortician went down to Mexico for two dates last month thanks to our bro Carlos. The shows there were more than great and the scene down in Mexico is awesome! We can’t wait to go back.

After the Europe tour, Mortician will most likely take a small summer break and then hit the road sometime around August early September. the line-up will most definitely be different then, details coming soon on this.

New releases from Primitive Recordings (Roger’s  label) coming soon include “Ignorance Is Bliss – The Malignancy Demos” (April), “Mortician – Final Bloodbath Session” (May), and the secret weapon… “Prosthetic Cunt  – Fuckin’ your Daughter With A Frozen Vomit Fuck Stick” (April). Primitive Recordings

Also, again Roger will be getting publishing the Metalfest Magazine again for Metal Meltdown 3 in Asbury, NJ. All of you interested in ads out there should contact the ad department at metalfestmagazine.com Deadline is March 12th!!

September 2000

Mortician is undergoing some major changes in the line up (as always). Desmond Tolhurst has retired from the music scene to pursue his career. Also, George Torres is no longer playing drums live (we got the hint when he didn’t show at metalfest). So, the current line up is Will on bass, Roger on drums and Ron Kachnic (Malignancy) on guitar. This is the line up that has been doing shows throughout September and will be playing the upcoming November/December Tour. Also the “Final Bloodbath Session” (which is not Mortician’s last CD, for those of you wondering) will be pushed back until late this year or early next year and will feature the same line up (most likely) as the tour.

July 2000

Well it’s been about a billion years since an update, but it’s because we’ve been busy as shit so fuck off. Seriously though, we just finished recording our next full-length CD “Domain Of Death” out on Relapse Records Halloween 2000. Roger and Danny (Malignancy) run a label called Primitive Recordings and radio station called Primitive Recordings Radio and are running previews of the new Mortician and new Malignancy CDs at random times throughout the month (click here to check it out, make sure to open your winamp browser to see if the feature is running) Also new is the release of Roger’s solo project called Primitive Brutality. The first CD is called “Ten Years” and is basically a compilation of material from the last decade. Listen to it and order it online at Primitive Recordings Desmond and Roger have also just completed work on the next Malignancy mini-cd “Motivated by Hunger” which will be available on United Guttural Records by the Milwaukee Metalfest, check out the Malignancy web site for details. Mortician will be playing various fests and random shows here and there in the coming months, but no touring until late in the year or early next year. ‘Till the next time…


September 1999

We are currently gearing up for our first tour supporting our new release. We are hitting mostly the southeastern states, Texas, and the Cleveland/Chicago area. Check the tour dates page for further details. We are working with George Torres (ex- Dehumanized drummer) for the tour and couldn’t be happier with his performance. We’ve been getting together some new shirt designs and are also going to have a distro table at all the gigs on this tour. STAY BRUTAL!!!!!!

August 1999

Well Chainsaw Dismemberment is finally out!!! We’ve been getting a great response from it and we hope you all dig it as much as we do. Mortician just played the Milwaukee Metalfest and partied it up like usual. For now we’ll be taking a little break while the new CD circulates. Hopefully by the end of 1999 or early 2000 we’ll be on the road again. See you all soon!

March 1999

First and foremost as you’ve noticed the site has changed its appearance. The guys at DomainsUnlimited.com have upgraded their servers and provided us with a bunch of new options for what we can do. Secondly, we are currently working with a new drummer, Kyle Powell.

January 1999

Things for Mortician were put on hold for the month of December due to holidays and Roger’s moving to Pennsylvania. Will also will be relocating from New York to somewhere undecided as of this update. On a less personal note Mortician is gearing up to record their new CD. They are rebuilding their studio in Roger’s new house and should be finished by February. Malignancy, Roger’s side project , will be the first recording in the new place. Look for a spring release of their first CD titled “Intrauterine Cannibalism” which will be released on United Guttural Records. Mortician’s recording will follow being released sometime in June on Relapse Records.

August 1998

Mortician is looking for a drummer! If you think you’ve got what it takes send a demo to Mortician, 200 Round Hill Dr., Yonkers, NY 10710. Right now Roger, Will and Desmond are working on a cover for the upcoming Slayer tribute CD. They will be doing a “Morticianized” version of Piece By Piece! Keep checking the Audio/Video section for a sneak peek. Speaking of sneak peeks, allot of you have requested clips of the new material for the next CD, well buried in this site is about 15 songs of just music. Most of these tracks don’t even have titles yet! Remember as always you will need Real Audio available at www.RealAudio.com

June 1998

Mortician is on tour with Fleshgrind! They are starting out in Chicago and heading west to California then back to Ohio before returning to New York. Check the tour dates section of our site to see if they will be hitting your town.  Be on the look out for a new tour site as well as tons of pictures from the road and hopefully a live broadcast via cell phone. Also we will be adding a Road Dogs section to the tour site featuring all of Mortician’s road crew members and our friends from the road.

May 1998

Mortician was in Germany for 2 shows this month and is gearing up for the US tour.

April 1998

Mortician is currently working on new material for their next full length CD due out late 1998. So far they have 26 songs (music only) recorded and are tuning down even more. There is currently a US summer tour being planned with Fleshgrind which will take the band back to most of the same cities they hit on the 1997 Annihilation Tour.