Chainsaw Dismemberment Vinyl 1999

Label: Morbid Records
Format: Vinyl
Date: 1999


Producer: Roger Beaujard


Licensed from Relapse Records
The tracklist on the back is entirely wrong and apparently taken from a whole different release. Correct tracklisting below

A1 Stab 3:53
A2 Fleshripper 0:55
A3 Drowned In Your Blood 1:44
A4 Mass Mutilation 1:48
A5 Mauled Beyond Recognition 0:51
A6 Rabid 2:01
A7 Bloodshed 1:15
A8 Decayed 1:50
A9 Final Bloodbath 1:09
A10 Island Of The Dead 3:57
A11 Brutalized 0:56
A12 Slaughtered 1:31
A13 The Crazies 1:18
A14 Silent Night, Bloody Night 1:58
B1 Chainsaw Dismemberment 2:39
B2 Psychotic Rage 0:53
B3 Funeral Feast 1:41
B4 Wolfen 1:03
B5 Dark Sanity 1:27
B6 Camp Blood 2:13
B7 Tormented 1:27
B8 Slaughterhouse (Part II) 2:18
B9 Barbarian 1:23
B10 Rats 1:37
B11 Mater Tenebrarum 2:23
B12 Splattered 0:49
B13 Obliteration 1:19
B14 Lord Of The Dead (Mortician Part II) 2:54