Domain Of Death Cassette 2001

Label: Mystic Production
Format: Cassette
Date: 2001


Artwork By [Cover]: Wes Benscoter

Design: Jonathan Canady

Engineer [Assistant]: Will Rahmer

Engineer, Producer: Roger Beaujard

Executive Producer: Matthew F. Jacobson

Photography: Frank White


Domain of Death was recorded and mixed in July 2000.

A1 Brood Of Evil 2:34
A2 Maimed And Mutilated 0:46
A3 Bonecrusher 1:04
A4 The Hatchet Murders 1:52
A5 Extinction Of Mankind 0:38
A6 Domain Of Death 3:34
A7 Cannibalized 0:52
A8 Pulsating Protoplasma 2:44
Notes: Written-by [Originally Recorded]: Pungent Stench
A9 Martin (The Vampire) 1:48
B1 Telepathic Terror 4:01
B2 Mutilation Of The Human Race 0:41
B3 Wasteland Of Death 1:10
B4 Dr. Gore 2:15
B5 Extra Uterine Pregnancy 4:24
Notes: Written-by [Originally Recorded]: Disastrous Murmur
B6 Tenebrae 2:18
B7 Devastation 0:55
B8 Necronomicon Exmortis 5:02