Living Dead Vinyl 2003-11-28

Label: Hells Headbangers
Format: Vinyl
Date: 2003-11-28

Comes with a gore filled gatefold cover and lyrics sheet. First 100 pieces pressed on Midnight Blue Splatter vinyl and 900on Funeral Black vinyl. Limited numbered edition of 1000 copies.

A1-A3: Recorded live in Los Angeles, CA 2001.
A4: Recorded live in France, 2001.
A5-A7: Recorded live in Houston, TX 2001.
A8: Recorded live at November To Dismember 2000.
B1-B2: Recorded live at Wermelskirchen, Germany, June 2000.
B3-B5: Recorded live at Neiden, Germany, June 2000.

A1 Mortician Drilling For Brains
A2 Mortician Driller Killer
A3 Mortician Chainsaw Dismemberment
A4 Mortician Worms
A5 Mortician Bonecrusher
A6 Mortician Brutally Mutilated
A7 Mortician Hacked Up For Barbeque
A8 Mortician Embalmed Alive
B1 Fleshgrind Burning Your World
B2 Fleshgrind Seas Of Harrow
B3 Fleshgrind Desire For Control
B4 Fleshgrind Chamber Of Obscurity
B5 Fleshgrind Holy Pedophile