Re-Animated Dead Flesh Vinyl Picture Disc

Label: Haunted Hotel Records/Noiseville
Format: Vinyl
Date: 2005


Bass, Vocals: Will Rahmer

Guitar, Drums [Programming]: Roger Beaujard

Recorded By, Mixed By, Mastered By: Mortician


Limited to 1000 copies.

A1 Werewolves Curse
A2 Burned Alive
A3 Bludgeoned
A4 Merauding Savages
A5 Skinned
A6 Human Beasts
A7 Bloodsoaked Carnage
A8 Unseen Force Of Death
A9 Torn Apart
A10 Axe
A11 Punishment
B1 ReAnimated Dead Flesh
B2 Buzzards
B3 Madman Marz
B4 Return To The Grave
B5 Dismembered
B6 The Dead Pit
B7 Crazed For Blood
B8 Slugs
B9 Claws Of Death
B10 Mass Destruction
B11 Be My Victim