Pure Horror Glorifying Death Metal

The Chainsaw Dismemberment vinyls are in stock! Order now. Pre orders shipping tomorrow.

Our good friends at Hell's Headbanger's have done it again. Chainsaw Dismemberment has now received the proper vinyl treatment. We will be getting these in next week. Can't wait!

Our bro's at Hell's Headbangers have re-pressed Mortician's "Chainsaw Dismemberment" T-Shirts and they're better than ever. Super high quality soft hand hires print. Check out PrimitiveRecording... to get one. They are on sale now to through the end of the week.

Mortician guitarist/drum programmer Roger has a soundcloud account and has posted some Mortician tracks to listen to. Enjoy and follow him.


Here's the news from the old website.
October 2004 - Re-Animated Dead Flesh available for mail order.